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Grape-Nuts Hot: Fancy Berries
Enjoy Grape-Nuts Cereal HOT! Juicy berries and a touch of honey lend a satisfying sweetness to this delicious hot breakfast or snack. Customize this recipe using your own favorite combination of berries or fruit!
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Grape-Nuts Hot: S’mores
Try Grape-Nuts HOT! Add rich chocolate chunks, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy graham crackers to Grape-Nuts for a hot, delicious treat that'll have you wanting s'more!
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Grape-Nuts Hot: Chorizo
Enjoy Grape-Nuts HOT! Spicy chorizo sausage, zesty lime, and ripe avocado are added to a bowl of warm Grape-Nuts cereal for a savory and unique meal or snack anytime.
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